Photo Restorations

These are samples of "before and afters" of many images.  Some are simply fixed, while others have taken a great deal of time to bring out the image or create parts that were completely missing.  Just about anything is possible.  Stop by our studio for a quote on an image that may mean a great deal to you and needs to be restored.

Image 6-1
Yellowing, tear, stains,
folds and more.


Image 6-2
Tears gone,color corrected, stains gone and so is hubby.


Image 6-3
Moisture damage and photo was stuck to glass.

Image 6-4
New background and portrait cleaned up.


Image 6-5
100 year old faded photo board broken in the middle, foxing and mildewed


Image 6-6
Longer restoration than most due to the damage in the middle of the father's face.

Image 6-7
Typical black and white photo from the 50s.  Yellowing and folds.


Image 6-8
We were asked to "hand tint" this image after the restoration.


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